This collection was born with the desire to search for balance, colours, and self-expression in the fine art world.

And as an exploration towards techniques, paper and aesthetics. It also is what kept me going in times of distress, and what for a time got me to wake up and reached my desk. Until it was no longer possible.


"Pastel Me" 07/2021
Watercolor on paper - 9cm x 4,5cm

With the intention of being a bit more eco-friendly, I started a sub serie with the rule of using nothing but what was left in my watercolour pan - this piece was one of the first.




It is extremely hard to find strength through making something so mundane and so 'simple'; it is extremely hard to make a collection without understanding the deeper self-consciousness underlying within - the need for creation!It is demanding to carry, pursue and continue it as a collection - or see the entire work as one 'oeuvre'. But to also fight the idea that everyone else could do it!


"Don't be-trait me" - 05/2021
Watercolour on 190g/m2 paper 19cm x 12cm

"Drowning" 03/2021
Watercolour on paper - 8cm x 8cm


"Rainbow Zen"
Watercolour on paper - 12cm x 9cm