WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP - Bundle or Fly like a bird 4 Workshop with Yves Kervoelen
WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP - Bundle or Fly like a bird 4 Workshop with Yves Kervoelen
WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP - Bundle or Fly like a bird 4 Workshop with Yves Kervoelen
WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP - Bundle or Fly like a bird 4 Workshop with Yves Kervoelen

WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP - Bundle or Fly like a bird 4 Workshop with Yves Kervoelen

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Watercolour 101 : “Eventually, Everything Mixes!” By Amé Binnarä Kim


Hello, my name is Amé (Binnarä Kim) - an illustrator, creator and colour-sorcerer based in Berlin. With this workshop, you will be learning the basics of watercolours in how to choose colours (Primaries and Secondaries) as well as how a few colours can create a wide array of palette for your artworks.
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"How to be colour wise" By Andréa Fair

In this course you will learn the magic behind colour palettes, how they work well together and how you can use them to create moods and contrasts. We will be learning from two masters of colours from modern painting: Johannes Itten and Paul Klee, two Bauhaus masters from the early half of the twentieth century.

"Fly Like a bird" By Yves Kervoelen

Through the use of birds, you will practice how to mix colours, to apply them as washes, layers, or using texturing, By painting three different birds over the course of three workshops, you will gain the necessary skills to paint your very own Kingfisher watercolour artwork in the fourth workshop. And learn how to step through your process. For you to apply these teachings on your own.


What you’ll learn:

  • Layering techniques
  • Colour mixing
  • Washes
  • Texturing
  • Create abstract motifs to use as an illustration
  • Paint four different birds 
  • Play with contrasts 


Course description:

Using the teachings from Amé’s (Watercolours fundamentals) and Andrea’s classes (abstract techniques using watercolours) you will learn to apply contrast, motifs, colour contrast (primary and secondary) to create a series of birds, leading to the making of your bird.

             1. Paint a Cockatoo; Layerings

In this lesson we will practice layerings techniques by painting a Cockatoo. This bird, mostly found in Australia, is the perfect shape for beginners/ medium level artists - ready to take their skill sets to the next level. Or to learn how to shape, and layer an animal. We will also learn to play with washes as this bird has a wonderful coloured crest.

              2. Paint a Lilac Breasted Roller : Washes/ textures

This small bird from Africa with its bright coloured chest is the perfect animal to learn and practice color mixes and washes. Through this one hour class we will practice how to shape a three-quarter view of a Lilac Breasted Roller, mix various colours to create bright hues. For us to recreate the multicoloured palette of this bird through watercolours washes

               3. Paint a Peacock : Layering/ motifs

To deepen our skills in colour mixing, layers and textures we will work on a peacock. This bird is perfect to get a little more abstract and start creating a more illustrated version using the abstract techniques learnt with Andrea.

                4.Paint your own Kingfisher

In this lesson you will use all the skills you have learnt with us/ me and create your VERY OWN KINGFISHER BIRD. Due to the 114 species this bird has; you will choose your own kingfisher. You will be able to choose how to approach the lesson more or less on your own. What techniques are you planning on using and in which order. Why? What is your colour palette? Is there a style you want to explore (dynamic, illustrated, flat, …) 



Basic knowledge of paint and the handling of paint and brush are a plus.
If you wish to learn those make sure to sign to Ame’s and Andrea’s workshops.


Agenda/ Dates (time to be confirmed subject to participants location):


- 6-7/11.2021 


- 3/14.11.2021 


- 20/21.11.2021


Bundle (the whole 12 classes with the three different teachers) 345 Euros
Workshop (4 classes with one teacher) 115 Euros
Individual Class (one class only) 25 Euros
Feedback (to be booked separately)  20 Euros (30 Minutes)

If you would like to book a feedback session, head here.